The Issues

Border Security
We Texans have to step up to combat sex trafficking, human smuggling, and drug- and gang-related crimes along the border. Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. It is an extreme form of labor exploitation where women, men, and children are recruited or obtained and forced to labor against their will through force, fraud, or coercion. Trafficking victims are often lured by false promises of decent jobs and better lives. The inequalities women face in status and opportunity worldwide make women particularly vulnerable to trafficking.

Legalize Marijuana
A state that values liberty should not be punishing adults for using cannabis, but also expunge convictions for many individuals convicted of marijuana-based offenses. Cannabis is far safer than alcohol, tobacco, and many medications. In a state dedicated to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," the government should not be tearing families apart over a plant that is safer than alcohol.

I am Pro-Life. My conscience and faith lead me to oppose abortion. Christians are taught not to take the life of an unborn child. However, Christian or not, this is a moral question that women facing an unwanted pregnancy have to wrestle with. There are actual situations in which even a rigorist conscience might pause when faced with rape, incest, or risk the mother's death. However, one group's religious and moral convictions should not be imposed on another without broad societal consensus. Our country does not have an agreement about abortion. Therefore, the emphasis should be on persuasion and compassion rather than seeking a political solution to abortion.

2nd Amendment
The 2nd Amendment is our God-given right to protect ourselves and our families.

School Choice and Education Reform
We need to give parents greater flexibility and choice regarding their children's education, particularly where public schools have been performing poorly. We should also end standardized testing which has too long been used to maintain some adequacy in our education system, but our skills and knowledge cannot be determined by doing a test in a certain amount of time. Learning encompasses many different aspects, and every student learns differently. Standardized tests mainly decide which students are good at taking tests, providing no real measure of an individual's progress or student performance. We should eliminate state and college-required standardized testing. It is neither necessary nor practical to measure a student's capabilities, and there are other ways to evaluate students without using a test as a medium.

Property Taxes
Property taxes are too high. Some Texans are losing their homes due to the ever-increasing property tax burden. I support eliminating portions of property taxes until it is completely abolished. Temporary relief is not enough.

Protect Religious Liberty

This freedom to live according to vastly different religious beliefs has allowed men and women of other faiths to live, work, learn, and worship side by side peacefully. Any effort to repress our freedom to worship, teach, and live out our beliefs is an attack not just on human dignity but on the very foundation that has made America strong.